Monday, March 21, 2011

Sample Letter Asking For Leave Out Allowance

Mayors Aysen seek independent environmental audit to assess HidroAysén

  • Ediles de Tortel y Chile Chico, junto a Costa Carrera y Codesa.
  • Les preocupa la permeabilidad de la evaluación en curso a las presiones políticas, dada la poca autonomía de los servicios públicos.
  • La petición se sustenta en el artículo 19 Nº 14 de la Constitución Política que establece “el derecho a petición a la autoridad, sobre cualquier asunto de interés público o privado, sin otra limitación que la de proceder en términos respetuosos y convenientes

Ejerciendo su derecho constitucional a petición ante la authority, two corporations and two mayors of the Aysen Region last Friday admitted to the Regional Government of Aysén a formal document in which they seek the mayor and president of the Regional Council of Aysen, Pilar Mardones Cuevas, requesting "an audit indepediente environmental or ask for a report to an outside consultant team regarding the environmental impact study submitted by HidroAysén . "

The letter, signed by the president and secretary of the Corporation Costa Carrera, Alejandro del Pino and Andrew Gillmore, president of the Private Development Corporation of Aysen, Patricio Segura, and the mayors of Tortel and Chile Chico Luperciano Bernardo López Muñoz, is based on the study submitted by the utility " suffers from serious shortcomings, contradictions, omissions, that lead to completely distort the true environmental, social and economic problems that the said project will produce environmental, populations and activities in the area of \u200b\u200bthe affected rivers and generally in the region "as the statement said. Given that an external review would " protect our quality of life, our natural heritage and tourism, which is gaining fame and attraction in the country and abroad, and to effectively ensure that by the constitutional guarantee of living in a pollution free environment, preserve nature and conserve the environmental heritage of the region "noted in the presentation.

For Alejandro del Pino " as has been the process, both for the technical evaluation which have been dropping comments, as well as throughout the political process that has had this, where the authorities or heads of service have been ruled any position, we believe it is necessary for the population of the watershed of Baker, call General Carrera, which has a study to ensure reliability in this analysis . " He noted that " We have seen that there are a number of irregularities and deficiencies in this study, the truth is that it looks bad and therefore gives no guarantee that things are performing well . "

recalled that in the case of the project itself was hired Alumysa Catholic University of Chile, as a parallel study to what they were doing public services, " remains timely and urgent today do " said del Pino. In this regard said that those who presented the document " available are as always absolutely going to expose the Regional Government what are our concerns, what we stand for and the vision we have of our region and our country . "

Luperciano Muñoz leader shares the apprehensions about " little autonomy with services, because we know that political power depends, therefore it is very important as it did with other environmental impact studies to have a report an independent body and that will give more reassurance to all . "

on timing, since it is speculated that, in May could be issued a resolution of environmental qualification, said: " is always on time, if not asked or did before hope she is done, because we believe, and we have the right to doubt, public services, especially in this administration in the last year, dropped their guard against this study, the observations are minimal and the truth is that for us it is important to have this audit because it gives us peace and independence. "

The " right to petition authorities is guaranteed in Article 19 N º 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of Chile, which may be exercised" on any matter of public or private, without any limitation that proceed in a respectful and appropriate . "


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